January 21, 2012

I Miss My Milton's MultiGrain Bread - Because It Will Go Moldy

There's a certain brand of bread that I prefer, and it's becoming impossible to find on the shelves anymore.  It's Milton's MultiGrain (you can see it for yourself, over there in the image). 

Here's the thing: not only is this bread vetted by WholeFoods and the American Heart Association, it tastes really good and you can actually see the seeds and nuts that are a part of the recipe

Plus, and Dear Reader, this may sound yucky but it's the truth nevertheless: this bread goes bad quick.  You can't just leave it in a bread box or setting on the counter and expect it to be just fine whenever you get around to grabbing a slice or two.  No, no, no.  Do that, and you're gonna find mold.  That's right: mold.

Which sounds bad, but it's good.  Why?  Fresh food goes bad.  Food with preservatives does not.  Well, maybe eventually - but it will take awhile. 

For example, take a slice of white bread and a slice of Milton's and place them side by side on the counter.  Leave them there.  Milton's will get icky pretty darn quick.  Toss it.  Then, keep count on how many days .... or weeks ... it takes for that other piece of bread to go bad.  And it may never get mold on it; it may just dry out. 

Yes, I've done this -- Milton's vs a slice of thick white store brand "Texas Toast" bread that my friend Bill likes to use for sandwiches.  

The dried out white bread slice might be less icky ... but think about it.  All those preservatives keep that white bread slice from getting green mold all over it, but do you want to have all those preservatives in your body?  Or your kids? 

Bacteria isn't bad.  That's why Jamie Lee Curtis is selling you that yogurt and why you're reading more and more about probiotics

And that's why I prefer Milton's MultiGrain and I'm thinking about contacting the company to find out where I can buy their product here in San Antonio (the search function on their web site for my zip code tells me nowhere, but I'm not giving up yet).


Anonymous said...

I too, prefer Milton Bread to any other. I love the taste and especially with olive oil for my breakfast with a cup of hot tea! yum! I purchase mine at my local Sam's Club. It is in packages of two loaves. I'm sure you can find it at Sam's in San Antonio!

Reba Kennedy said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for writing! I just bought one of the Two Loaf Packages at Sam's Club -- and it looks to be pretty darn popular there, the other bread shelves were full and there was only a few Milton's left.

Whew, so happy that I can still get Milton's Bread. Happy Dance!

Thanks again for writing,

Anonymous said...

I, like you, love this bread and find that it goes bad quickly. We don't each much bread, so I was finding it hard to get through a loaf before it started going moldy. That is, until I started sticking it in the freezer right after buying it. I think it freezes great, and a little thaw in the toaster on the low setting gets it warm enough for sandwiches. Worth a try!

Reba Kennedy said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for the freezer to toaster tip! I've been buying the two loaves in a bag at Sam's Club and tossing one of them immediately into the freezer when I get back home - but I've been dealing with the other loaf and the race against it going bad...so your toaster idea is going to come in handy!
Thanks so much for sharing,
God bless!

Anonymous said...

Here in West Michigan all the Sam's Clubs have suddenly dropped Milton's and we're crushed because it's the sole reason we belong. Love that bread and now we're scrambling to figure out where to get it. Trader Joe's has it but that's on the other side of the state...sigh.

Reba Kennedy said...

Hi Anon,
Wow. Wow. Wow. I feel your pain that Sam'sClub has dropped Milton's in your area.

WHY would they do that? Ye Gads.

Milton's always sells out here in San Antonio, it's very popular. Now, of course, I'm skeered they're going to go nationwide with this cut.


Thanks for the tip tho that Trader Joes carries it. They just opened our first TJoes here a few months back, and it's actually closer to me than Sam'sClub.

So sorry about Sams cutting Miltons for you -- and thanks so much for sharing your news with all of us.

God bless,

Anonymous said...

Someone beat me to the Trader Joe's tip. Nice because years ago when I too loved getting that bread from the big bulk stores, the loaves were much bigger. Was glad to see a smaller loaf at TJ's. Now if we could talk Milton's into making even smaller loaves, we'd all be happier campers! Good luck, and may you never run out of your lovely Milton's Multi-grain bread :D

lewispaul said...

We love Milton Multi-grain as well. Our Sams Club in Orlando just quit carrying it 2 weeks ago. That was the last place in town! I called them and they just said they weren't ordering it. There is supposed to be a Trader Joe's opening in Winter Park in 2014, and it is reported that they carry it. (I hope!), until then we are OUT! Yet another blow to our Sams membership... first it was the pizza with nearly no sauce, now this.

Reba Kennedy said...

Hi Lewispaul,
Regarding Sams Club, I feel your pain. Hear you about the pizza, and I was also disappointed when they stopped carrying my dogs' favorite kind of dental treats.

Fingers crossed on your Trader Joe's carrying the Milton's Multi-grain!

Thanks so much for taking the time to write,
God bless,

Judy Ann Lincicum said...

The first time I ever used Milton bread I bought it at Costco here in Arizona. Don't know if they still sell it, but my guess is they do.

Reba Kennedy said...

Hi Judy Ann,
Well, I have a Sam's Membership but not a Costco. Keep thinking about Costco, tho ... and Morton's at Costco! Hmmmm I must investigate this here in San Antonio!

Thx much for the help! Appreciate it!

God bless,

Anonymous said...

Waa-haa-haa! Just did a search here in Albuquerque on Milton's website. Not a store that sells their bread withing 100 miles! Hope to be able to find a place online I can order it from. I also use the freezer tip, but also keep my bread in the refrigerator once I've thawed it out. I NEVER have to throw any away! Yum!!

Reba Kennedy said...

Hi Anonymous 9:19,
Well, here's to hoping that you find a store closer than a 200 mile round trip to buy some Milton's! LOL Brilliant of you to go straight to the Milton website. Good luck on ordering it online. Makes me wonder if I can get it via Amazon Prime. Gonna go check that out right now ....

Thanks so much for writing, God bless! Reba

Hotmail said...

I'm in Richmond, VA and my Sam's just stopped carrying Milton's. I can't find any brand that comes close to Milton's! Any suggestions? Maybe a write-in campaign and Sam' will reconsider.

Reba Kennedy said...

Hi Hotmail,
I just did a Google Search and the Milton's site has a "store locator" function:


Hope this helps!

Thanks for writing and God bless!

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