May 21, 2012

Salt in Your Coffee Can Be a Really Good Idea. Or Not.

I don't remember where I learned about putting a smidge of salt into your coffee before you brew it, but it works.  It makes cheap coffee taste better.  It makes any coffee taste better, actually, because it takes away the bitterness.

Nope, I'm not blowing smoke here.  It's actually grounded in science and you can go read about that here, if you know or care what salt's "Na+" means and what that does to coffee.

Problem is, you can't get heavy-handed with the stuff.  It's a very, very small step to go from a smooth cup of joe to a nasty mug of salty mess.  Very, very small. 

Which is what I had this morning, as I got a bit too friendly with the salt shaker while brewing a big pot of coffee to drink while waiting for the washer repairman.  (I don't own a Maytag.)

It did wake me up, though.  Shock therapy. 

P.S. Hat tip to Debra Bruce on Twitter -- she asked how much I use, so I went to my kitchen tool drawer and messed around with the measuring spoons.  This was easy, considering I was in the front of the house on my laptop, one eye on vigilant lookout for the repair guy.  Anyway, thinking that measuring spoons were better to use as a measurement than what I really do, which is shake till I see the right amount of white on the top of the brown coffee in the coffee brew basket, I figure 1/8 teaspoon per cup.  Might be less.

Shake for yourself, let me know.  (@rebakennedy)
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