May 6, 2010

Flip Flops Can Seriously Injure Your Feet - Beware!!!

Flip flops are fun, and right now they're so popular.  Creative spins on how to make a pair of very basic sandals unique abound - buy them, make them - and they're a great choice of summer foot wear for the whole family. 

Except flip flops can seriously, seriously injure your feet and cause you major pain. 

Dear Reader, it happened to me.  I had a beloved and growing collection of flip flops.  Different colors, shiny, sequined, bowed!  Here in San Antonio, it's perfect flip flop weather -- for almost the entire year, these shoes are a footwear option.  Heck, all year long when you're indoors. 

And, they're so simple.  Not expensive (tho you can pay a high price for some, if you choose to do so).  Unique, creative.  Fun.  And, your pretty toenail polish gets to show itself off, to boot. 

Until last year, when my excessive Flip Flop Fashion resulted in foot pain so intense that I had trouble standing - my mother would have diagnosed "fallen arches."  You may recognize the condition as "plantar fascitis." I had torn ligaments in my right foot by walking for so long in poor footwear.

Choosing Summer Sandals - You Can Have Flip Flops, But You Must Be Picky

Recognizing the greatness of the Flip Flop, the American Podiatric Medical Association hasn't prescribed an outright ban of this type of shoe.  Instead, they've issued a Tip Sheet on which Flip Flops to buy, and they even recommend a brand or two:  SOLE and Orthaheel

When I was in such pain (and I'm talking PAIN here, folks - Plantar Fascitis isn't for sillies), Birkenstocks were recommended to me.  I was sold on them the minute I walked - make that hobbled - into the local Birki store, and tried on a pair.  I could feel the support immediately.  Amazing difference. 

I've been sold on Birkenstocks ever since, just from the store experience, but I've gone on to learn much more about the brand.  They originated in Germany back in the 1700s, and they've been around ever since.

Sure, some Birkenstocks are ... well ... ugly.  I love them, but that Arizona model is just Not Cute.  Have horrific foot pain, you don't care.  Get to feeling better, and you miss those Glow-in-the-Dark Floral Flip Flops of old....

Luckily, Birkenstock has come out with a lot of variety, and I'm pleased with the newer versions.  And, I found an online store where I can get Birkis for a great price --    Such great deals that I almost stopped from sharing this link with you Dear Reader -- but that would be wrong.  Right?

Image:  Oasis Flip Flops, Wikimedia Commons, public domain.
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