February 20, 2010

Buying Used Furniture - My Search for a Comfy Reading Chair

I've tweeted about my growing obsession with creating a little corner with the perfect reading light, the perfect side table, and the perfect reading chair ... something that is sorta like my favorite chair at Barnes & Noble. 

Now, I'm off to find the chair and I thought I'd share how this trek is working out.

I've already surfed the web quite a bit, and yepper -- there's lots and lots of chairs online.  I've checked new ones in clearance and old ones in vintage.  I've looked over EBay, too.  The problem is, I need to test out my chair.  It's got to be a cozy fit, and what with shipping charges there's no way that I'm going to test driving chair after chair from these online options.

So, I'm left to scour the city. 

I've begun my roaming thru my favorite furniture consignment shops.  So far, nothing's been just right (call me Goldilocks, I'm that picky here) but that's par for shopping consignment.  You learn to check their inventory every so often, because it's always changing and never the same.  I'm writing up a little description of My Perfect Reading Chair, and I'm going to leave it with these stores so hopefully, they'll call me when something hits their docks.  I keep my fingers crossed.

I've also started going by a couple of resale places that provide funds for charities.  Boysville has a local resale shop that can be great or horrid, depending on the day.  Salvation Army has a pretty reliable used ("reconditioned") furniture store, and I'm going to pop in there later today. 

Finally, there are the estate sales, garage sales, and the like.  I'm pondering these but I'll need my friend S and S's big humungo SUV for these treks.  You gotta tote away your finds here, and My Perfect Reading Chair won't fit in my car.  No way, no how.

I'll keep you posted. 
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