November 10, 2014

Rodent Repellant and The Rat Palace: Getting Ready for the Cold Front

Last night it was pleasant here in San Antonio, and around nine o'clock I went outside to ponder the day while setting on the back porch.  It was peaceful and quiet; the pups were happily sniffing the ground and hoping that the neighbor's cat might pop in for a visit.

In my head, I was planning for Thanksgiving, silly happy thoughts with a silly happy smile on my face, I'm sure, when all of a sudden: YIKES.

I saw a RAT, not a mouse, not a squirrel, not a possum or bird or space alien, crawl down a tree limb in the neighbor's yard and disappear into their metal gardening shed (which sets back on the fence line of their property, next to the alley, catty-cornered to me).

Now, I was pretty darn far away from that Big Fat Rat.  The dogs either didn't notice it or didn't care.  So, I didn't jump up onto my chair or scream or faint or anything.

I did get extremely creeped out, however.  During the night, my thoughts kept returnING to that Big Fat Rat.  My imagination had that one rat entering an advanced Rat Kingdom inside that shed.

Remember the scene in Men in Black where they open the bus locker and there's the alien world? Repopulate that image with rats and you've got my Neighbor's Rat Shed.

Even today, as I sit in the same spot on the patio in the afternoon sunlight, I sneak little glances over toward the sinister shed.  I listen for Rat World noises.  Wait, they're noctural.  Rat World snores.

Where the heck the neighbor's cat is during all this, I have no idea.  He sure likes to climb my trees and go after birds with great regularity.

So, Dear Reader, here's the thing.  I just threw 8 of these Fresh Cab Rodent Repellents all around my garage and my backyard shed this afternoon, before the infamous Alaskan Cold Front descends upon us.

I tried this stuff last year, and boy howdy does it work.  I like that it's not some toxic chemical mess; it's a strong smell that keeps them away from your place.  It's REALLY PUNGENT.  You wouldn't want to use this inside the house, but it's great for the garage.

I have a friend up north who just "put away" his Porsche for the winter, filling it with Bounce dryer sheets. (We should all have the dilemma of having to store our Porsche for the winter, right?  Such a stressor.  LOL.  I digress.)  Maybe I'll tell him about these Fresh Cab bags.  Along with my neighbor who has a Rat Palace.

Egads!  Now I just imagined throwing a couple of these bags into that Rat Shed and all those rodents running out, hoardes of rats and mice ....  I'm all creeped out again.
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