January 19, 2015

My Morning Routine: Cinnamon in the Coffee, Dogs in the Yard, and Reading the Bible

I have a routine every morning that serves me well, and I thought I would share it with you, Dear Reader. At this point, it's automatic and I think it helps me to have happy, productive days.  Really! 

The alarm goes off. 

I get up and get dressed and let the dogs out into the back yard so they can investigate what monsters may have invaded their territory during the night.  (Currently, there has been a possum roaming around the alley and hanging out in the trees.)

I make fresh coffee in a percolator. 

I use the same mug each morning.  It's huge and has the cartoon image of Wonder Woman on the side.  It was a gift.  I like it because it can hold a lot of coffee and the coffee will stay hot in it.  Plus, truth be told, it's nice that someone thought a Wonder Woman mug suited me somehow.  Makes me laugh.

Anywho, back to the coffee routine.  I toss in a smidgen of Mexican Cinnamon (not all cinnamon is the same, FYI) and some stevia with my Half-n-Half.  A bit of butter (yes; Kerrygold).  I down a tablespoon of Coconut Oil at that juncture (I can't go full bulletproof coffee because I hate that coconut taste in my coffee).

I have a reading spot.

Then, depending upon the weather, I sit outside on the covered patio or inside at the dining room table, and I read a chapter in Proverbs.  I have a little study journal to makes notes in if something comes to mind.  I also read a bit from the Old Testament and some from the New Testament.

I don't follow those Read-the-Bible-in-So-Many-Days schedules.  I always read one chapter in Proverbs, the one that corresponds to the day's date.  Sometimes I read more in the Old Testament books and sometimes less.  It's usually about the same for the New Testament.

I read from the Bible.  Sometimes, I take notes.  

Today, for example, I'm in Amos and I read a chapter before I stopped.  I read a chapter and a half in Mark, ending with Jesus and the kids surrounding him.  It's a nice image to start the day -- Jesus had to be laughing and smiling and playing around with those little children, they were all clamoring to be around him. We don't see enough images of this guy, IMHO: the guy who played with kids, who children liked and thought was fun.

This morning, though, the notes I took were from Proverbs 19 -- about it being smart to have "a wise heart and a clear head."

My Morning Routine Helps Me All Day Long. 

Reading the Bible every morning helps me.  Really and truly, Dear Reader.  Often, something pops up from that Proverbs chapter during the day that is so on point to what's happening.  It's eerie.  It's cool.

Plus, having a morning routine that is automatic habit at this point is a good thing, too.  Before I know it, I'm well into my work day and it's in large part because when that alarm hits I don't lay there and think about what I'm going to do that day - with fear and dread or with excitement and anticipation.  I jump up and get going.

Habits, routines?  They are good things for me in my life.  Reading the Bible every morning?  It's a major help for me every single day.  Just thought I'd share, in case it might help you too.

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