June 20, 2008

Make Your Own Water Out of Thin Air

This gizmo may seem expensive (price is a little over $1000), but boy does this sound like a great thing to have. And, the possibilities it has for helping some third world countries is phenomenal -- as well as addressing those water shortages we keep hearing about ....

The Liquid-Air Water Generator literally takes the air surrounding it, and turns it into pure drinking water while cleaning up the air, as well. Use it indoors, you've got a nice water supply. Use it outdoors, you'll triple your volume.

Of course, this works better the more humid your environment. Those living along the Gulf Coast may fare better than someone in Phoenix, obviously.

The quality of the water generated by the Liquid -Air Water Generator is excellent, too: a series of filter remove dust, air particles, chemicals, and odors from the water -- and it automatically recycles whatever you don't use.

Considering this as an alternative to buying bottled water, and the cost doesn't seem as high.

Plus, think of how much this can help -- in 2002, a Houston firm contracted with the Liquid-Air manufacturer to ship a bunch of these WaterMakers over to Africa, at half-price. In Houston, they get around 4 to 6 gallons from a machine; in Africa's high humidity, estimated daily production per machine is 10 to 12 gallons. Wow. WOW.
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