May 25, 2010

WalMart Cuts Price of Apple iPhone to $97

Apple 16GB 3 GS iPhone
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If you're absolutely in need of a SmartPhone and the pay-as-you-go phones just won't do the trick, then good news for you:  WalMart just slashed the price of the iPhone to $97.00 -- but it's coming along with a two year contract commitment to AT&T for your phone service. 

Specifically, the model that is being sold at this new low price is the Apple 16GB 3GS iPhone.  And, if you go to BestBuy, the Apple store, or anywhere else, you'll still pay $199 for the same exact gizmo. 

What's the catch, you're wondering?  Well, there's speculation that these phones are being rapidly sold to get rid of the current inventory, making room for the upgrade that Apple is preparing to launch.  Seems Apple and Google are busy duking it out for market share of the smart phone market

As for your options, remember:  you've got pay-as-you-go plans that aren't going to commit you to a contract, if you can live without all the fun stuff that the smart phone brings with it. 

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