November 3, 2010

NetFlix - Real Bargain is Its Online Anytime Library

NetFlix seems to have put another of our local brick and mortar movie rental stores out of business, and it makes sense.  I've been using NetFlix for several months now, and they're as reliable as clockwork.  Mail it off, get a new one back.  Zip, zip, zip.

However, I noticed that a couple of the oldies but goodies that I wanted to watch were also available online for the viewing, 24/7.  Sure, this option has always been there - but I don't have (or want) a Wee, so I didn't bother with the "Instant' alternatives.

Now, I am.  Seems with a couple of wires, I can hook my netbook to the television, and voila: instant movies as well as old television shows, etc.  I'm technically watching the movie via the netbook, using the HDTV as a monitor (I think).  It's supposed to work, I'll keep you posted. 

Lots more bang for my $9.95/month Netflix membership.  I love saving money.
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