January 21, 2012

I Miss My Milton's MultiGrain Bread - Because It Will Go Moldy

There's a certain brand of bread that I prefer, and it's becoming impossible to find on the shelves anymore.  It's Milton's MultiGrain (you can see it for yourself, over there in the image). 

Here's the thing: not only is this bread vetted by WholeFoods and the American Heart Association, it tastes really good and you can actually see the seeds and nuts that are a part of the recipe

Plus, and Dear Reader, this may sound yucky but it's the truth nevertheless: this bread goes bad quick.  You can't just leave it in a bread box or setting on the counter and expect it to be just fine whenever you get around to grabbing a slice or two.  No, no, no.  Do that, and you're gonna find mold.  That's right: mold.

Which sounds bad, but it's good.  Why?  Fresh food goes bad.  Food with preservatives does not.  Well, maybe eventually - but it will take awhile. 

For example, take a slice of white bread and a slice of Milton's and place them side by side on the counter.  Leave them there.  Milton's will get icky pretty darn quick.  Toss it.  Then, keep count on how many days .... or weeks ... it takes for that other piece of bread to go bad.  And it may never get mold on it; it may just dry out. 

Yes, I've done this -- Milton's vs a slice of thick white store brand "Texas Toast" bread that my friend Bill likes to use for sandwiches.  

The dried out white bread slice might be less icky ... but think about it.  All those preservatives keep that white bread slice from getting green mold all over it, but do you want to have all those preservatives in your body?  Or your kids? 

Bacteria isn't bad.  That's why Jamie Lee Curtis is selling you that yogurt and why you're reading more and more about probiotics

And that's why I prefer Milton's MultiGrain and I'm thinking about contacting the company to find out where I can buy their product here in San Antonio (the search function on their web site for my zip code tells me nowhere, but I'm not giving up yet).

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