January 28, 2010

The Low Down on Living as an American Expatriate - Talk with Americans Living Overseas

If you're pondering living overseas for an extended time period, if not permanently, then you've probably been surfing the web looking at sites like International Living and Escape Artist.  That's good, they have lots of information.

However, ExpatFinder has created a list of 100+ Twitter accounts of real, live people living in all parts of the world as expatriates.  Connect with folks like these, and get the inside scoop on your dream destination:

dougiegyro http://twitter.com/dougiegyro 
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Consultant, tech activist, expat American, translator, DJ
Kory Kessel http://twitter.com/kory
Location Paris, mostly
Chicago-born Cubs fan with roots in Texas and New York; it’s all about family, friends, music, food, art, and travel

Joel Smith http://twitter.com/MejicoJo
Location Lake Chapala, Mexico
Retired @ 46, Moved 2 Mexico. ♥ Suzy, Dance, Good Food, Travel, Sunsets, Sandy Beaches, Mexican People + Shih Tzus! Link tells U more
Julia Evans http://twitter.com/jooliagoolia
Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
american expat, content developer, soon-to-be librarian, fabulous person
I haven't contacted anyone on the list of 100 expats that the ExpatForum has collected, but I've selected the few samples above to demonstrate that ExpatForum has quite the crew there -- expats living all over the world, doing all sorts of things.  And with Twitter, it's so easy to start up a conversation, you should have lots of fun making friends with these folk!
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