February 6, 2010

My Favorite Simplicity Blog Posts of the Week

When I'm not writing this blog, and when I'm not writing for a living, and when I'm not reading for work or for pleasure, as well as eating, sleeping, cooking, or talking (sometimes, listening), I'm surfing around reading other people's blogs.  Here are five posts that I really liked and/or got something from this week:

The Health Ranger's Living Juice Recipe
Great thing about this recipe, you don't have to use a juicer, you can go with your blender.  I've found that eating raw and organic fruits and vegetables (I try to follow the greens and beans approach) really makes a difference in how I feel the same day that I eat/drink it.  It's kinda the reverse of eating bad stuff, and getting lethargic, or a headache, or heartburn.  Eat good stuff, feel good.  Try it, it works!!

Drip Beef, Two Ways (Sandwich Recipes)
I love the Pioneer Woman's stuff, especially how she gives you all those photos to follow along with what her recipe is doing.  Here, there are two unbelievable meat sandwich versions - just in time for the Super Bowl parties.  Reading the one with the pepperoncinis actually had my mouthwatering.  Seriously.

Wanda's Diary - 02/06/10 Warsaw
Wanda Urbanska and her husband are living in Poland right now, and this diary entry describes some of the ways that Poles are saving money, living more simply, as a cultural norm.  I found it interesting that the escalators automatically turn off when no one has used them for one minute.  Makes you think ....

The Perils of Prosperity and Christian Anarchy
First part of a two-part posting considering a Newsweek article entitled "The Perils of Prosperity," written by Robert J. Samuelson - from a Christian perspective.  Actually, the perspective of "Christian Anarchy."  I'm waiting for the second part of the article, but this first part is fascinating to me because it's doing what I'm not seeing all that often:  proactively challenging the news we're hearing with a forceful, Christian response. 

Friday Fiscals from Mighty Bargain Hunter
I love the Mighty Bargain Hunter, just a great blog and such a wonderful gift to us all.  Thank you, thank you, MBH.  And in his usual generous manner, Mighty Bargain Hunter has his own list of great blog posts of the week, all dealing with various aspects of finance and budgeting.  Some great info here. 

Have a great weekend!!!
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