February 8, 2006

Sightsee by Bus

Here in San Antonio, we have lots of beautiful things to see and appreciate, although truth be told -- it's rare for the locals to frequent the River Walk. Wrong of us. Where are you? How often do you go see things that the tourists are discovering?

VIA has a special $3.00 bus pass for its Sightseer Special. Buy this ticket at any one of several locations (Botantical Gardens, Museum of Art), and then take your time jumping on and off while touring the remaining sites -- La Villita, the Witte, the Zoo, etc.

Saves driving, saves time, and it's fun. You'll get your exercise in, too. Google your city -- see what your public transportation has in mind for you to do.

Heart Health 4 U

Better late than never, since February 3rd was National Wear Red Day ....

Forty percent (40%) of all heart attacks are caused by elevated Homocysteine levels. And, most heart attacks occur between 4 and 10 in the morning, did you know that?

Homocysteine is a toxic, endogenous, sulphydryl-containing Amino Acid and elevated levels of it (1) physically cause or significantly contribute to: Blood clots, high cholesterol, strokes, sickle-cell anemia, hearing problems, kidney stones, diabetic neuropathy, some types of cancer, Chronic Fatigue syndrome, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Parkinson's disease; and (2) mentally cause: aggressiveness, dementia, depression, memory impairment, and schizophrenia.

You're at a bigger risk of having high homocysteine levels if you suffer from hypothyroidism or have Type 2 diabetes.

What causes high homocysteine levels?
1. Not enough folic acid
2. Alcohol
3. Tobacco
4. Caffeine
5. Stress.

What can you do to protect yourself and your loved ones?
1. Eat right - this includes lots of garlic and other things
2. Exercise - duh
3. Supplement your diet with certain things - which you might find ooky

Want details? Go read everything Valerie Saxion has to report in her show notes. It's detailed, and it's good. Do this, it's important.
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