June 6, 2008

Great Coupon Shopping - Coupon Codes

Coupon codes give extra savings at lots of online sites. You shop at the store's website, and essentially you mimic handing the paper coupon to the cashier by inputing a code identification number as part of your purchase information.

Sure, it means you are shopping online, and there are some purchases that seem more web-worthy than others: personally, I don't want to buy groceries or shoes online right now (this may change, I found some really good deals today), but I'm happy to buy a book, an appliance, or a purse over the internet.

Coupon Code Sites to Check Out:

1. CurrentCodes.Com sorts codes for over 1800 stores, and my quick surf through the list found some very nice discounts.

2. RetailMeNot.com is another code provider -- much bigger than CurrentCodes and with lots of big national names -- but maybe not the most current of sites. Lots of free shipping and handling, and I did find some nice discounts on online buys.

3. 1001coupons.com has another directory filled with retailers and their current coupon codes. Chadwicks, for example, has buy-one-get-one-free going at this site; Shoes.com had an extra 15% off sales and clearance items. Also didn't seem as current as CurrentCodes, but appeared to have some different stuff.

Searching For Even More Deals

Other than these collection sites, you can always investigate for yourself. Try searching for "coupon code" and a specific store name, e.g., "Target coupon code" or "Amazon coupon code" and see what pops up. Some good finds can come from this ....

You might also try surfing with synonyms for the phrase "coupon code" such as:

discount code
key code
promotional code
voucher code
promotion code
promo code
source code.

Do this without or without a specific store name. You can also try this with a specific product in mind.

When I did this, I found Ann Taylor (25% and free shipping); Kohl's (50/60/70% off sale items, depending on department); and some totally free stuff with your online order over at Yves Rocher.

Warning: searching around for the really good deals can be very, very addicting....
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