July 31, 2008

Computer Crash -5: Freebies and Deals I Found

Circuit City has an online outlet store that offers some very nice deals shipped directly to your home. I bought a printer/scanner/copier combo with shipping and handling for under $50. I bought my new desktop as a package (tower, monitor, printer) for under $500 at the store itself (Vista is hard on hardware budgets - you will need new peripherals - this package saved me $200+). I couldn't beat this deal online or on foot, anywhere.

AVG is an award-winning antivirus software package that is free, and highly respected among computer techs.

MozyPro offers a free remote computer backup service - store up to 2GB. (I bought a monthly service which is inexpensive - $13.95 for 20 GB.)

Yahoo.com offers free email with unlimited storage and automatic anti-virus scanning (you don't have to download any software for the antivirus scan).

QuickBooks offers a free small business accounting software package that allows customized invoices, checks, etc., and the ability to send invoices by email, saving them as .pdf files.

OpenOffice offers a free software suite that is truly competitive with Microsoft Office. Fascinating project, worth investigating even if you're not in the market for the software.

Microsoft Office 2007 offers free 60-day trials of all its packages (Word, Excel, etc.)
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