February 4, 2006

No State Income Tax

Not every state taxes the income of its citizenry. Just something to ponder if you're considering relocation. Those that don't: Alaska, Texas, Florida, Washington, Nevada, South Dakota, and Wyoming. (Two others, New Hampshire and Tennessee, only tax income from dividends and interest.)

For those that do tax, the rates vary. A comparision chart is provided at tax.admin.org.

(Those states appearing in red do not have a state income tax.)

Free Directory Assistance (411)

1-800-FREE411 (1-800-373-3411) really works, and it's free to you.

The catch: a 12 second advertisement of a local business that plays before you get assistance -- if it competes with the number you've requested. You then get to choose whether to stay with the business you've originally requested, or opt to call its advertising competitor.

Not calling a business? No ad.

The service also provides the option of connecting by pressing a single number on your keypad, rather than writing the number down or holding it in short-term memory.

When I called, there was a number of rings before the call connected. However, I got a real human being on the line. Big plus. And, I asked for a friend's residence number. The automated number immediately popped up; it was correct; and it repeated twice, so I had more than enough time to get the number in my head and dial it myself.

Why is it free? The advertisers are paying for it. Good for them.

Source: Snopes.com, mercola.com
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