March 16, 2006

On the Path to Simple Living: Sharing Stories

In January 2006, Amy started a blog entitled The Great Debt Payoff. She bravely posted her family's debt and made her commitment public to simple living. As of this post, Amy hadn't updated the blog since January 11th. Sometimes blogging is stressful, managing money is never entertaining (okay, maybe for the few). I'm hopeful Amy posts again soon, with good news.

Poe lives in California, and posts her financial trek on Budget Living in Orange County. She's moving to a new condo this month, had a great plan for a cheap vacation in Mexico, and actually shares her financials.

Sylver lives in the Netherlands and has a great blog, Journey to Frugality. He's dealing in euros, and he watches Oprah.

There are many like them - people sharing their personal highs and lows in frugal living. Boston's "Jane Dough" at Boston Gal's Open Wallet not only provides a good blog of her own experiences, she has a great collection of other folks' blogs of their personal journeys.

You're not alone in this.
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