February 1, 2006

Are You Brave Enough to Read Empire of Debt?

Bill Bonner and Addison Wiggin have a website, The Daily Reckoning, as well as a free e-newsletter. Both are good reads. They've also written past New York Times' bestsellers Demise of the Dollar, and Financial Reckoning Day, and have just hit the bestseller list again with Empire of Debt.

Their take on our current economy isn't cheery. It's probably not anything that you haven't already considered, though. And, they offer advice. Buy gold. Rent, don't buy. Things like that.

Another Great Site: Thrifty Fun

ThriftyFun.Com is another great site. It's filled with recipes, household tips, crafty things. Free newsletter, photo contests, things like that. Lots of stuff for the kiddos. I have been receiving the daily tips newsletter as well as recipe tips for awhile now, and they are dependable and filled with suggestions.

Great Site: Seattle Simplicity

Seattle Simplicity is a new blog, started a couple of months ago by a very brave 30-something woman who's changing her life. It's a great site, worthy of bookmarking.

Why? Not only does it have good advice, etc., but this woman is sharing her trek with you -- in detail. She's even giving you the numbers.

You need to read this one. Often.

Example of Excess No. 1: Know What You're Not

After debating whether or not to include Examples of Excess on this site, I have chosen to do so. Why? Because part of defining what you are includes the understanding of what you're not.

When you're tired, and this alternative lifestyle does take effort, perhaps these Excess Examples will remind you how far you've come. Or maybe, they'll just give you a chuckle.

And, now, Example of Excess Number One: ParisHilton.Com. I don't think I need to type another word.
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