March 18, 2006

Freebie Online - Fabulous Diet and Exercise Manager

FitDay is great - so great, it's a wonder that it's still free on the web. After using the freebie for a couple of years, I did splurge on the inexpensive software - but the freebie was more than enough for me for awhile and hey - it's free. Love this product, even though I may not love what it tells me (who knew there was so much fat in a peanut? in eggs? in my homemade soy smoothie?) ....

While the habit of inputing all that you eat and all the movement you make seems cumbersome, if not overwhelming, you get used to it. The more you input, the more you learn about the reality of your body and how much you're supporting it - or neglecting it. The inventory of items provided in the food selection is huge (yes, brand names and fast food vendors are included) and there is the opportunity to add your own items as well. Your homemade recipes can be inputed here, and broken down nutritionally.

According to the site, FitDay gives you:

weight loss

calorie counter
fat, protein, and carbohydrate intakes
metabolism & exercise calorie expenditure
weight loss tracking
weight loss goals and progress reports
caloric balance reports

good nutrition

food nutrition facts for any food
daily nutritional intakes
audit of personal RDAs
long term nutritional analysis
quick reference to Dietary Guidelines for Americans

peak fitness

exercise log
mileage/distance tracking
calorie expenditures
metabolism breakdown
analyze and graph mileage/distance
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