March 4, 2010

Free Tax Software - Which is the Best Free Income Tax Preparation Software (2010)?

There's lots more free tax software out there on the web than I realized, and there's also lots of great sites that have taken the time to compare and review these offerings, giving you, Dear Reader, the skinny on which is the best deal in free tax preparation software for 2010. 

Here's what I found:

Top Ten Reviews - it's reviewing nine different tax filing software packages - but not the freebies are evaluated, these are the packages you pay for ... still, some good info in this review and I'm providing it here anyway.  (Who wins?  TurboTax.)

Tax - Compare - it's reviewing 4 free tax software packages (TurboTax, H&RBlock, TaxACT, and CompleteTax) and opines that TurboTax is best and CompleteTax is ... well, not so good.

Consumer Search - while they don't tell you all the versions compared, they are pretty bold about recommending TaxACT as the best free tax software out there (it came in 2d at Tax-Compare, by the way).  However, when you read their review of tax software overall, they're all over TurboTax as the best tax software out there.  Go figure.
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