May 8, 2010

Today is Stamp Out Hunger Day for Letter Carriers Union

Today is the day to leave non-perishable food items in that paper sack your mail carrier has already provided to you. Just put it near your mailbox, and if you don't have their bag then use one of you own, labelled "Stamp Out Hunger Donation."

The National Association of Letter Carriers has been doing this for 18 years - and this year, they hope to break their past records, with a goal to bring in 1 billion pounds of food.

Me? I'm so amazed that my mail carrier - a nice man who promptly brings my mail every afternoon, so dependable you could set a clock by this guy - will be adding all this weight to his already impressive workload.

Think about it. These mail carriers are voluntarily carting bags and bags and bags of canned goods as they walk mile after mile with that heavy mail bag on their shoulder. Wow.
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