January 1, 2010

New Years Simplicity Resolutions - 2010

First things first, I think Lisa Scottoline has it right -- she's doing "unresolutions" again this year, and in her usual funny way, she's made a great point about this annual tradition.  Resolutions can be negative, even mean-spirited.  Never a good thing, but especially during times like these we all need to be as positive and upbeat as possible -- helps us to keep moving forward. 

Here are some suggestions for resolutions in simple living this year: 

1.  I will get outside almost very day - for a walk, a run, maybe just to sit in the backyard and watch birds fly. 

2.  I will thank God each morning that I'm here - I've got another day of living.  And mean it.

3.  I'll find things to laugh about -- I'm gonna look for it 24/7 and laugh long and loud when I find it. 

4.  I'll find bits of beauty in the world around me.  Maybe it's in a smile, or how the rooms fill with the aroma of coffee in the morning. 
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