March 26, 2010

CellPhones and Driving - Pls Don't Talk or Text When U R Behind the Wheel

I didn't realize until yesterday how truly dangerous "distraction driving" is today. Then I saw some statistics provided by the National Safety Council and checked out some of the information over at a new site,   Oprah is helping by organizing her "No Phone Zone" campaign.

Bottom line, someone talking or texting on their cellphone is 400% more likely to be in a car crash. According to studies, it doesn't matter if you are hands-free or not (though I'm sure there's lots of debate on this one).  And, according to these same studies, 81% of American drivers do this -- use cellphones while driving -- regularly. 

For many folks who are simplifying, they may think this isn't an issue for them.  Especially the frugal ones, who don't bother with those cellphone contracts in their budget.  I applaud them!

However, it's more than whether or not YOU use a cellphone.  It's also what's happening out on the street, where you and your loved ones drive and bike and walk.  Be aware of how many folk in your area ARE using their phones while they are driving a 3500-5000 pound vehicle. 

Just yesterday, driving around and pondering this, I was shocked to see how many drivers I could spot in traffic that were gabbing away on their cellphones.  Not good, Dear Reader.

So, Dear Reader, be careful out there.  And, if you are tempted to use your phone in the car -- please stop.  It's a danger that you can avoid -- plus it will make for a more peaceful drive if you do, right?

Image:  "No CellPhone Zone" sign posted on Bellaire Blvd in Southside Place, Texas from Wikipedia Commons, public domain.
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