July 21, 2016

Jeanne Robertson Is Really Hilarious and I Need a Good Laugh These Days

I don't know about you, but the daily news is getting downright overwhelmingly depressing for me these days.

And it's not like reporting really bad news is a trend.  I remember those daily Vietnam War casualty reports given by Walter Cronkite, and my mother crying over them.  And all those assassinations: JFK, RFK, MLK Jr. ....

My 8th grade health teacher, Mrs. Barnes, was famous around our middle school because she had an official Bomb Shelter in her house, in case of the Big One.  And she was serious about it.  She and her family were ready.

And I bet you remember where you were when the Space Shuttle Columbia exploded in mid-air, against a bright blue sky, killing all 7 crew members.  Such a sad day.

So, no, horrible and heart-wrenching news stories are not some recent development -- but it sure seems different to me today.

I feel bombarded by badness, like evil is having a Heyday.  I wonder if you feel it too. 

Right now, I limit myself to checking online news once or twice a day -- but that's because I need to keep my work schedule and not get sidetracked surfing the web.  When I visit my preferred news sites, I leave them weary and worn-out.  You?

Recently, I began thinking about having a No News Weekend -- just avoid any news stories for 48 hours.  Because I really could use a breather.

Maybe I'll do that.  Maybe I won't ... it seems wrong somehow, irresponsible.

I Have Discovered Jeanne Robertson

But there is one thing that I am doing to help me feel better in these dark and depressing days, and that is finding ways to have a good laugh.

And thanks to You Tube, I have discovered Jeanne Robertson.

She's hilarious!  Added bonus: you'd feel safe having your grandmother or your baby granddaughter listening with you as watch her stuff.

Truly gifted.  Why don't more people know about her?  Why isn't she setting on talk show couches?  I dunno.

But I'm very thankful she's got lots of YouTube videos available for me to watch.  Because I need a good laugh, and Jeanne Robertson knows how to be funny.

Watch this one as an example:

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