February 6, 2006

Flowers - Find Your Wholesale Florist

The best place to find fresh flowers is at your wholesale florist. There are no arrangements to choose from, only fresh flowers that are bundled for you in green or brown paper, together with a packet of flower food, if you're lucky. You pick the flowers, the stems are priced according to the list shown at the door.

This, of course, is only if the shop is open to the public. Not all wholesalers will welcome you. Google till you find several nearby, and call first.

Here in San Antonio, we are blessed to have Travis Wholesale on Josephine. A dozen friendly daisies for $3.00. A dozen deep red roses for $12.00. And just too much fun, roaming through and choosing from all the rest. One of the best deals in town.

Shopping For Scratch and Dent Appliances

Scratch and Dent Appliance stores appear to be everywhere, if you google for them. Real finds can be found here: dishwashers, ranges, cooktops, freezers, refrigerators, washers, dryers, even trash compactors, dehumidifiers, and window air conditioning units are available.

When shopping for your bargain purchase, remember to investigate the following:

1. Are they offering only scratch and dent products, or does their inventory include Closeouts, Seasonal Items, Overstock, Floor Models, Discontinued Items? (Stores that focus on scratch and dents may have better prices.)

2. Do they respect manufacturers' warranties?

3. Do they deliver? Do they install as well?

4. Will they take your old one away? Better yet, will they buy it?

5. What financing, promotions, rebates, etc. apply?

6. What are their references? How long have they been in business?

7. Do they do repairs?

8. Do they warrant what they sell, independently from the manufacturer?

9. Is there a return policy?

Before the Library: Good Writer Info Site

Barnes & Noble have a growing collection of information on writers at their site. It's a big list, and it is organized in several ways: alphabetically, topically, by genre, etc.

Here, you can learn a lot about the writers' favorite reads, the reasons behind their work, background information. Some entries include video interviews with the authors.

Nice place to go before you go to the library ....where the books are free for the reading (although I suppose Barnes & Noble would prefer you went and bought some things at their store ...).

(Who's in that photograph? Answer is here.)
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