October 7, 2011

99 Money Saving Tips Featured by Time Magazine: Frugal is So Trendy

Today you can read an article online entitled, "99 Money Tips: Save on Concerts, Smartphone Plans, Auto Expenses, DIY Projects, and Debt Collector Confrontations," written by Brad Tuttle for Time Magazine.  It's got some good stuff in it, such as:

  • a higher price doesn't mean better quality, so research at places like Consumer Reports
  • never get cash advances on your credit card (that money is too expensive)
  • fix things that break (if you can), don't just dump them and run to the store
  • get the cheapest phone service you can
Another thing altogether -- this article is a part of Time's Smart Spending section.  So, frugal really is trendy.  Sure, the bad economy has a lot to do with this, but it's nice to think that Americans are being more frugal with their money because, from a simplifier's point of view, there's a lot of good stuff that comes from this.  Like:

  • Cook at home, it's relaxing. 
  • Family meal time, good for all. 
  • Family game night, even better. 
  • Walk instead of drive, great. 
  • Borrow books at the library, you discover treasures. 
  • Discover free adventures: geocaching, free museum nights, nearby trails and all that wildlife ....

These are a few examples of all the good good stuff that no one will ever find, shopping at the mall or eating at their local restaurant (or driving in between).

There's a lot of good to be found in this bad economy. 

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