February 3, 2006

AARP Offers Lots of Free Tax Help

AARP offers online help as well as personal counseling via its Tax-Aide program. Lots of basic questions are answered in its FAQ section. Wondering about your sale of securities, or which form to use? Those questions are answered here.

Across the country, AARP has over 30,000 volunteers at 8,500 locations. (At the site, if you input your zip code, you can find the closest Tax-Aide location.)

Here, IRS-certified volunteers provide both counseling and preparation services to millions of low- and middle-income taxpayers, with special attention to those ages 60 and older. These Tax-Aide folk also can be scheduled to visit with your group; this can be arranged online. Or, you can send in your questions online, and file electronically if you choose to do so.

The cost of all this help? Zip. It's free. All of it.
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