April 1, 2006

Finding Support for Simplicity

Lifestyle changes that go against the materialistic mainstream can become difficult when family and friends don't understand the how, the what, or the why of your simplicity goals. If you interested in finding others who do share your interest in living a better, simpler life, then you have several options in finding like-minded friends.

First, check with your local newspaper - call and ask for the reporter in charge of the community calendar, he/she may know of local groups near you.

From your keyboard, try finding simplicity groups, thrift-shopping groups, etc. at meetup.com. Meetup.com has groups in various topics (book clubs, hiking clubs) including simplicity. The Simple Living Network has a database of local groups to search through, as well.

If you prefer meeting online, there is a collection of online groups at Simple Living Network, as well as Yahoo Groups. Yahoo Groups offers 256 different groups under the heading of "simplicity" on the date of this post. ICQ has a group that has been active since 1998.
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