January 9, 2012

Cheap Phone 4 U: $10 Tracfone Package With Unlimited Double Minutes

I’m in the minority, I suppose: I don’t like to use a cell phone, I don’t think it’s worth the time investment to spend lots of time on apps in a smartphone, and I avoid the phone for hours at a time, in order to write.  I do have one, though.  And I’m always trustworthy to carry my little, old school flip phone with me when I hit the trails with the dogs or walk around the neighborhood.

Which means that all too often, I forget my phone at the house when I zip off somewhere in the car.

I know that I’m not the only one that does this.  I have a friend with two small children who seems to be in search of her phone on a weekly basis, especially since her 4 year old has discovered how fun that phone can be.  Doesn’t do her much good on the road if the phone is at the house, and that happens a lot.

Maybe if you have OnStar, this isn’t a big deal.  Maybe not having the phone in the car isn’t a big deal to you – it’s a relief.  However, for me (and for several others I know), one of the places that a phone is important is when you are away from home. 

Not that I’m condoning talking on the phone in the car.  I’m not.  I’m pondering having a phone with you when you’re toodling around in case you’re running late, you’re lost, you’re trying to meet up with someone, or heck, you’ve got car trouble. 

Tracfone in My Car - $10 Dollar Package Got Me a Lot of Bang for My Bucks

Which brings me to this great package I found at WalMart for $10 from Tracfone.  That’s right: ten bucks.  It’s a throwaway phone, with a charger for the outlet and the car lighter, a carrying case, and a Bluetooth so you hook up your ear to the thing if you’d like.  Double minutes, unlimited.  And all sorts of coupons and while I have to read this carefully, I’m thinking it’s got rollover minutes as long as you re-up before the end of your “service days.”  There’s also a $10/month plan.  None of this stuff is on a contract.

So, I bought one and set it up in my car.  I’m not giving the number out and I’m not planning on chatting with it.  However, the next time I’m driving off for the day and discover I’ve left my phone on the charger, on the desk, in my jacket pocket, etc. – well, I won’t be out and about without the security and the convenience of a cell phone in the car. 

Thought you might think a good idea for you or your mom or your teenager, too.

Have a great week, Dear Reader. 

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