March 29, 2010

What are Tonics? Recipes for Tonics You Make at Home

Tonics?  They're much more than an old wives' tale or a historic folk remedy.  Tonics are liquids made of good things that are good for you.  Tonic recipes have been around for years, centuries even.  And while modern health care providers can scoff at the value of tonics, there are many people out there who swear by them. 

Here's some scoop for you, Dear Reader, on tonics:

1.  Tonic Tea Recipe -- just an overall, good for you blend made up of good things like licorice, ginger, and sarsaparilla.  

2,, New York psychiatrist (and Lyme disease sufferer) and her husband, a psychopharmacologist at Columbia University, tell Mother Earth News all about a tonic made from a Russian herb that solved all her problems (which included serious things like severe fatigue, painful joints, and impaired mental function).  She did take the tonic over a three month span, but it worked.  And other stuff had not. 

3.  After telling this great story about the Russian herb, Michael Castleman reports on six great tonics that help in various ways -- though he does not give recipes.

4.  Recipes, though, are at the ready over at  They've got a long list of tonic recipes, lots of which sound like they will taste great.

Me?  I'm going to investigate these tonics -- because I am so very happy with my Apple Cider Vinegar tonic and how it's benefited me.  Love it, love it.  Because of this experience, I'm sold on tonics for good health.
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