April 12, 2010

WalMart Is Paying Me to Shop There

Wow.  Last week, I got a little cardboard mailing from WalMart with "Rollback in TO SAVE" in big orange and yellow letters on the front.  It looked like one of those things that surround free samples of dishwashing detergent or hand lotion, so I opened it up.

Inside, was a $5 WalMart Gift Card.  All I had to do was call a 1-800 number, give the promo code, and the card would be activated.  I did it.  I've got five bucks to use in WalMart before sometime around May 15th.

Of course I'm going to use it.  You betcha. 

In fact, I'm all excited about my free gift card from a store.  I'm trying to decide WHAT I'm going to be buying with it.  Should I get a new Toilet Bowl Brush Set (which is on the list), or a treat like a Paperback Book?  A food item? A gift?  Decisions, decisions. 

Look, I already shop at WalMart so this marketing campaign isn't drawing a new customer into its doors.  However, it's putting a smile on my face because I can't remember a merchant giving me a gift card before. 

That's a nice thing to do, and I wish more stores would do it, don't you? 
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