July 26, 2016

God Is Speaking: Another Tool In The Battle Against All This Bad, Depressing News

I stumbled across a video by Anne Graham Lotz on YouTube yesterday and it was comforting to hear that she was feeling exhausted from all the bad news being reported these days, too.

As I discussed in my last post, I'm declining that invitation to be bummed and depressed from all these evil reports by trying to laugh more and working hard to find things to laugh about -- in my day, on the screen.

Stephen Wright had me laughing last night.  So did Jeanne Robertson.

Gotta find the funny in each day, it's important!

And I've signed up for Anne Graham Lotz's "God is Speaking" program as she discusses below -- for the first eight days in August, listening to the Word for two 30-minute segments, and focusing on what God is saying.

You can sign up too, if you're interested (or if you just want to learn more about what is being offered) at the God is Speaking website.

Here's the Anne Graham Lotz video:

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