September 7, 2016

Mosquito Gizmo That Works: ThermaCell Mosquito Repeller Review

This Mosquito Device Is Working Great on Our Texas Patio 

This spring, we saw lots of storms here in South Texas. Big Texas Thunderstorms, with thunder and lightning and drenching downpours. 

They come and go fast here – it’s true that if you don’t like the weather in Texas, just wait 30 minutes. It’ll change.

One thing, though. As soon as those storms come with all that rain we can count on one thing not changing: the skeeters’ arrival. They were really, really bad this June.

On the phone, I was comparing how bad things were here in San Antonio to the mosquito problem a friend was having over in Miami. We couldn’t decide which was worse (this was pre-Zika).

So, I surfed around on Amazon and found this cute little “mosquito repeller” for a nice price. And it was pink. How could I not give it a try?

I Ordered a Pink Thermacell Mosquito Repellent 


It was really easy to put together and it was silent as it sat on our black metal patio table that evening. Key here, though, is that it WORKED.

I would turn it on about 15 minutes before we were going to go outside. Morning or evening (I like to start my day at dawn, out on the patio if weather permits).

And no skitters! Now, there were still flies. It doesn’t stop the flies from buzzing around my coffee cup.

This Thing Really Worked: It Kept the Skeeters Away

There’s also the need to buy replacement butane cartridges as well as the little “repellant mats” that you slide behind the gizmo’s grill. (It works by heating the “mats” which release an odor that the mosquitos hate. You can’t smell it.)

Lesson to remember: You need to turn off the device when you’re done sitting outside. This will keep your little butane burner supply around a lot longer.

I made the mistake of forgetting to turn it off because I was busy blabbing with a friend who popped in to visit, and when I returned to my little oasis, I was out of fuel. About thirty minutes later, the skitters were back and I was online, reordering a refill pack.
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