September 10, 2011

Four New Blog Finds That I Really Like, Think You Will, Too

You'd think I never get anything done, what with walking the dogs; doing my own writing; helping others with their writing; reading and going to the book store and the library and for more books; meeting up with friends for tacos or coffee; piddling my way to a clean house; or debating whether or not I'm right (I am) that the mole on The Closer is Chief Pope.

I surf the web, too.  And today I thought I would share with you some blogs that I think are wonderful and unique and powerful in what they have to share with us, each in their own individual way: 

Long Hollow -- a pretty blog with substance by fellow Texan Barbara Shallue. (Thanks to Barbara's sister for the heads up on this great find!)  Nice pix, honest and forthright in her words, and she's a reader, too. 

The Pioneer Woman -- kinda famous now, Ree Drumond's blog on her transition to life on a Montana cattle ranch.  The food photos are so wonderful, always make me want to go cook something.  And for some reason, reading the stuff here always reminds me of my mother's family and all their tall tales: Mama's cousins Mary Beth and Nummies, along with Spider and Pie (Pie was known for her, well, pies ... can't remember how Spider got that nickname). 

The Daily Coyote -- Shreve Stockton posts daily photos of the coyote she adopted as a baby, sharing much more than that on her blog about living in rural Wyoming.  She has been disciplined about these daily posts for a long time now.  Charlie the coyote makes me smile, and my pups like this blog a lot because it always warms my heart, reminds me how beloved my dogs are, and makes me go to the Treat Jar for them.  It's like clockwork.  And they talk about Pavlov's dog ....

Adventures in Writing on the Road -- Natasha Fondren sold her stuff and bought a jeep and an RV and headed out into a new life; she's got a bigger RV now, but she's still living very simply and she shares how she's doing and where she's going on her blog. 

She's doing what lots of people just dream about.  Like me.  Did you ever read Travels With Charlie by John Steinbeck

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