January 27, 2007

Electronic Time Capsule - Cute, But I Vote No

Here's something to ponder: the Electronic Time Capsule. According to the website:

"Electronic Time Capsule is a unique way of sharing your life with those you love. Easy and convenient, too, it ensures that your feelings, life story and family history are documented and told — at a time you designate — to your loved ones. Efficient, personal and flexible, Electronic Time Capsule allows you to:
Create a capsule anywhere, anytime at a moment's inspiration.
Discuss mature topics and deliver them when your child will understand.
Capture your child's life story… told by all the important people in their lives.
Be certain your child receives the time capsules… no flood or fire or hard drive failure can destroy your memories (pictures, video, letters).
Leave a legacy… Even if you pass away unexpectedly, Electronic Time Capsule will deliver your thoughts and feelings forever."

The site has a complete tour, and it's not free. It costs $15.00/year. Several writers can contribute, and photos can be added.

Personally, I like the idea of a time capsule. And, I like the idea of leaving messages for "when [my] child will understand."

However, I think I like them better in my own handwriting, not stored in cyberspace. Maybe I like journals and scrapbooks and photo albums too much.

To me, this offer is something that only seems simple. It's deceptive.

Simple is writing letters to your grandchild with a cup of hot tea, and storing them in a nice box for her sixteenth birthday, or her graduation, or her wedding. Including photos, and ribbons, maybe a piece of jewelry or something.

Now, that's a nice time capsule to give. And to get.
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