February 9, 2007

Book Report 1 - The Great American Detox Diet

You've seen Alex Jamieson if you've watched SuperSizeMe - she appears throughout the documentary, providing her eyewitness account of boyfriend Morgan Spurlock's declining health as well as her mounting concern for his well-being. Immediately after Spurlock stopped his 30 days of solely McDonald's food, Jamieson took over with an 8-week plan to return Spurlock to health. So many requests came in, asking Jamieson for details, that she wrote The Great American Detox Diet.

It's a good read, easy to follow, and filled with information encompassing much more than a food plan. Details about the FDA, various food industries, and the like are included -- important things to know.

As for the basic detox, it's pretty straightforward: no sugar, no refined carbs, no caffiene, no alcohol, no dairy, no meat. Lots of water, whole grains, berries, beans, nuts and seeds. Since Spurlock's liver was impacted, she included herbs and greens that help the liver (escarole, broccoli rabe, etc.).

Jamieson gives you the ability to personalize your plan: kidneys a concern? She tells you what to eat, and what to avoid, for maximizing your kidneys' health. Stressing out? She gives suggestions on how to solve that problem.

The book itself sets up an 8-week plan to detox, and provides lots of recipes as well as a week of sample menus. Pantry help is given, too.

I liked the book. I also recognize the overlap in advice with that given in The Maker's Diet, among others. That's okay with me. Living food, lots of water, exercise, and breathing right: these are all things that go hand in hand with simplifying life and living in an abundant way.

Personally, the more that I adopt these principles, the better. I feel better, and I'm happier. It still amazes me how the food I eat impacts my attitude, but it does. Lots of processed food, I'm tired, depressed, blah at best. Lots of living food, I'm energetic, excited, and having fun.

Just like Morgan Spurlock describes in the movie, and Jamieson discusses in her book. It's worth your time to read the Great American Detox Diet.
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