September 29, 2006

Fake Out Recipe No. 1: Bottled Starbucks Fraps

Instead of buying those expensive four-packs of Starbucks Fraps, you can make your own version at home, which is not only cheaper but healthier, too. The secret is in the pectin ....

1. brew pot of strong decaf coffee after stirring 1T cinnamon into the grounds.

2. Fill two-thirds of 1 qt. container with unsweetened soy milk. Add 1T vanilla extract. Add chocolate syrup, to taste. Add 1T pectin. Shake it up.

3. Add the brewed, dense coffee to the soy milk mix, filling the container. Add stevia, sweeten to your taste. Shake well.

4. Let set in the fridge for 24 hours. This lets the flavors mesh plus it lets the pectin create that consistency that Fraps have which regular old coffee-milk doesn’t.
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