March 6, 2006

Food as Medicine - 1

Food One-a-Days -- if you eat the following each day, these health benefits result:

One-half cup cooked beans cuts bad cholesterol (LDL) by 10%.

Mushrooms, maitake or shiitake (if fresh, 3 oz., if dried, 1/3 ounce), cut bad cholesterol by 7 and 12 percent respectively.

One-half of a raw onion raises the good cholesterol (HDL).

One carrot cuts stroke rate in women by 68%.

Six servings of Fruits and Vegetables cuts stroke rate by 44%. Up it to nine servings, cut the rate by 66%.

Two tablespoons of cooked cabbage protects against stomach cancer.

One-half cup of spinach cuts macular degeneration odds by 43%.

Two to four stalks of celery cuts high blood pressure.

One ounce of fish oil cuts risk of heart attack by 50%.

One cup of yogurt boosts your immune system, as well as reduces colds and other respiratory infections.

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