October 15, 2016

My New Jumbo Coffee Mug Arrives Today!


I admit it.  I am actually watching the front door, waiting for the mailman.  I'm thinking about getting the dog involved -- let him monitor through the screen.  Seriously,  This is a BIG DEAL.  I'm really excited.

Why?  USPS will be bringing me my new, wonderful HUGE coffee mug today.  Here's what it looks like in the Amazon site:

 It's the simple things, people.  

This mug holds FIFTY-TWO OUNCES.  That's right.  52.  It's promised to be SIX INCHES high.  Wow.

Of course, Snoopy hugging Charlie Brown is sweet.  Makes me happy.  And the message is a good one:  "Lots of Love."

But the thing that is making me want to dance is its capacity.  I want a big coffee mug.  A BIG one.

Why such a jumbo mug?

Here's why.  I want a mug with some extra space on top so I don't slop liquid onto my desk while I try to drink with one hand, type with the other, and never let my eyes leave the computer screen.  It's a bad habit.

(Odds are high this will happen if I'm laughing at something online.  Things like this.)

Plus it can be a soup mug.  A tea mug.  Water, sure.

Maybe it will hold iced tea for me.  Lord knows I'm tired of drinking iced tea out of a mason jar, and that's the only option if you want to hold something that's glass and 24 oz or more these days.

Go ahead.  Look for yourself.  No iced tea glasses that hold 24 ounces, made of glass.  (I don't drink out of plastic.)

The secret: it's my reward.  

Here's the secret:  this big mug is a REWARD.  I've learned that to make new habits, it's important for me to have rewards.  After all, the bad habits reward me in some way or I wouldn't keep doing them.

So I get this pretty Snoopy Hug Mug today because I've checked off stuff in my Planner Trackers and I've earned it.

Makes me happy.  The Hug Mug.  The reward system.

It works for me. I am a child. I am not ashamed.  LOL

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