January 1, 2010

New Years Simplicity Resolutions - 2010

First things first, I think Lisa Scottoline has it right -- she's doing "unresolutions" again this year, and in her usual funny way, she's made a great point about this annual tradition.  Resolutions can be negative, even mean-spirited.  Never a good thing, but especially during times like these we all need to be as positive and upbeat as possible -- helps us to keep moving forward. 

Here are some suggestions for resolutions in simple living this year: 

1.  I will get outside almost very day - for a walk, a run, maybe just to sit in the backyard and watch birds fly. 

2.  I will thank God each morning that I'm here - I've got another day of living.  And mean it.

3.  I'll find things to laugh about -- I'm gonna look for it 24/7 and laugh long and loud when I find it. 

4.  I'll find bits of beauty in the world around me.  Maybe it's in a smile, or how the rooms fill with the aroma of coffee in the morning. 

5.  I'll seek peace and appreciate its place in my life.  Chaos, confusion, and strife will not be welcome.

6.  The things I buy will be necessary and of good quality.

7.  I will cook more.  And it doesn't have to be fancy.

8.  I will read books.  Yes, instead of watching TV.  Yes, borrowed from the library. 

9.  I will trust myself that I know what's best for me and my family, not advertisers or the "Jones" - whoever they are.

10.  I will monitor the "speed" at which I'm living each day, and make whatever changes are necessary to insure that I'm going at the right speed for me and mine. 

11.  I will surround myself with friends who are good-hearted, caring people and if there are folk in my life that aren't good for me or my family, I will gently move away from them.

12.  I will keep my house clean and tidy.  This does not mean that it has to be kept as sanitary as a hospital or as fashionable as a luxury hotel. 

13.  I will buy reconditioned appliances that have good warranties.

14.  I will stop eating sugar or aspartame and use stevia as my sweetener of choice.

15.  I will take vitamins and I'll educate myself on what my family needs.  I'll drink one glass of wine per week. 

16.  I will get a good night's sleep every night.  I won't worry, instead I'll pray.  I'll make sure I have a good mattress (or mattress topper) and a comfortable pillow.  As often as I can, I'll sleep as late as my body chooses.

17.  I won't answer the phone just because it rings.  That's why there is voicemail. 

18.  I'll slowly get rid of stuff that isn't part of my life anymore and clutters up my environment.  This may take a long time, and that's okay.

19.  I'll take deep breaths during the day, I'll stretch, I'll be self-aware of my stress level.  If I'm stressed, then I need to understand why and take steps to change. I won't be fearful. 

20.  I'll remember that everything is going to be alright, even if I don't know right at this moment how that can possibly be true.  All anyone can do is take a step at a time, and live a day at a time.  We are men, we are not God.

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