January 13, 2012

Energy Saving Curtains – I’m Loving Mine So Far

This week, the temperatures here in San Antonio dropped from a pleasant low 70s/high 50s range to yesterday, where the high was something like 48 and the lows got into the 20s.  Which means this week was my first chance to really test out how my new Energy Saving curtains really worked.

I love them.

Not only do these things block noise, which gives me a better night’s sleep, but the heater isn’t coming on nearly as much.  I haven’t got my new utility bill yet, but I know it’s going to be less – it’s that obvious. 

There are negatives, of course.  In the bedroom, I replaced some very pretty Battenburg Lace curtains with these babies, and the new ones are not as pretty and there’s a lot less light now.  I didn’t buy full blackout curtains, but these “energy savers” do make the room lots darker. 

This can be solved by a tie-back or two, so I’m not that concerned with this issue.  Truth be told, at night the thicker curtains make the room much cozier for sleeping than the lace curtains did.  I’m losing the beauty of the sunlight coming through the lace to get this, but right now I’m okay with it. 

I’ll keep you posted on what the utility bill does this month and next month, too.  I’ve been these curtains in most of the house now, so there should be a big difference. 


Josh @ Live Well Simply said...

Hmmm... never heard of curtains designed specifically to save energy. I've been known to hang a blanket over drafty doors and windows in the wintertime though :) Nice blog. I just subscribed via RSS.

Reba Kennedy said...

Hi Josh,
Yes, I've been known to use that blanket over the window when the temps get really low. LOL

Hope you try these plastic-backed curtains, I'm still very happy with mine.

Congrats on your new blog -- I'll be following you!

Thanks for writing,

carl said...

I found some excellent insulated curtains made by Cozy Curtains. They are unique because they have magnets around the edges and seal to the window. Check them out at http://www.cozycurtains.com

Reba Kennedy said...

Hi Carl,
Thanks so much for the tip about Cozy Curtains -- I just went and surfed their site, and they've got more than just drapes, they have shades too!

One thing tho, they're a lot more expensive than the curtains I bought last year - but they sure look great and their percentages of savings, etc. info sure is impressive!

Thanks so much for the tip!

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