July 23, 2009

Free Iced Mochas at McDonalds; Starbucks and the Home Office

I'm a bit late to the game on this one, but McDonald's will give you a free 8 ounce Iced Mocha (or a 7 oz hot one, if you want) both this Monday and the next, from 7 am to 7 pm. The promo ends August 3rd.

I suppose this may apply only to participating restaurants, so check for the free promo posters at your local McD's, or look online at McDonald's McCafe site.

Have I tried 'em? Yep. Pretty darn tasty.

A medium iced mocha costs you $3.01 at McDs for regular price, that's including tax here in Texas. They're cheaper than Starbucks and I liked this version just fine.

Of course, free is better. I'll get a small one for free on Monday.

And no, I won't buy any mocha, anywhere, everyday. However, it's a nice treat or a nice break when you need one.

Do I pick one over the other?

No. Starbuck's costs more. But I walk into Starbucks, and I stay awhile. I work, I read. I'm in an oasis for a bit.

McDonald's is cheaper. Tasty, too. But I drive thru here: this is still KidMecca, not a place where I'd open up my netbook and set to typing.

I Won't Give Up Starbucks - It's an Oasis

So, I justify the higher price of a silly cup of coffee at Starbucks to the entire experience: I'm not just buying the coffee, I'm off someplace else, for a little while. With nice music, nice smells, and other folk doing the same thing. It's a stress reliever and it helps my productivity. Really important to have an oasis or two when you work out of a home office.

I read somewhere that George Stephanopoulos used to write those presidential speeches at a Starbucks down the street from his office. Bet he considered the oasis as part of the price of his cup o'joe too.

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