December 22, 2006

Cheap Eyeglasses

Get the actual eye exam and prescription from Walmart for $35.00 (if you can find a cheaper exam, please let me know).

Then, go online and order the actual glasses from Zenni Optical, where the basic eyewear is sold for $8.95 and provides the following: Quality eyeglass frame; High 1.57 index Rx lens; UV protection; Anti Scratch coating; Hard Eyeglass case; Lens Cleaning Cloth; and Full Guarantee.

The whole kit and kaboodle for under $50.00 with a guarantee. Sweet.


Anonymous said...

Easier said than done. Maybe it's my face shape, but I cannot tell from a photo if a pair of eyeglasses will be favorable to my face or not. That said, Costco receives high marks in Consumer Reports, better than Sam's. But the best alternative for me is to drive around and find a frame I like, enter the shape number and dimensions clandestinely into my voice recorder and then order from the web. However, I use Costco to have the lenses fitted. They charge an additional $20 for a custom order but if you get two pair (perhaps as a backup or sunglasses.) there are no additional charges above the $20. I hate to do it, knowing the overhead of the opticians, but the mark-up is just too high for me to be that generous.

Jockey said...

I bought my progressive bifocals from for under $59. Single vision glasses with all of the coatings can be bought for less than $25. Save an extra 5% off of your entire purchase price when you enter the promo code "arcaro" at the checkout.

Anonymous said...

This is indeed a great offer for eyeglasses, but I still prefer my pinhole glasses.

Rebecca said...

Hi Anonymous,
Well, you taught me something today: I had never heard of pinhole glasses before.

I've got a deadline to meet, and right after that, I'm going to go and read all about them. They sound great.

Thank you!!

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