October 8, 2006

Fresh Herbs Year Round

Quick tip on having fresh herbs year-round: freeze portions in either water or stock using ice cube trays. Once the cubes are made, store them in the freezer and they'll keep for around a year. (Try bagging the cubes in individual, labelled and dated freezer bags and then place all your cubes in one larger bag or container.)

Great not only when you harvest your own plants, but also might make buying those $2.00 teensy bits of lemon grass, dill, thyme, etc. in the produce section worth your while.

1 comment:

lesleyc said...

Excellent! My husband, the cook, buys the $2.00 thingy of herbs so he can cook one meal. The rest of the herbs usually wilt while waiting to be used. I am the fridge cleaner, so I am the one who tosses the sad, unused herbs into the garbage. Thanks for a great idea!

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