February 11, 2006

Simple Living Mysteries

For those who love a good cozy mystery, i.e., one that has laughs in it, there's an addition to the recipe collections (think Tamar Myers) and the dog collections (think Susan Connant) ... there's a couple that fit the Simplicity bill.
The Picker Who Perished by Kate Holmes is available through Albris.Com.

There is also Shop Till You Drop, a Dead-End Job Mystery, by Elaine Veits. A funny read, it was an Agatha Award nominee. In fact, it's part of a series of "Dead End Job Mysteries."

Can you think of any others?

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AuntieKate said...

Hi Rebecca! This is Kate Holmes, author of The Picker Who Perished. Thanks for enjoying my book. It's also available on my web site www.tgtbt.com as is LOTS of info if folks out there are interested in consignment and resale shopkeeping.

Great that you mentioned Elaine Viets' book as well... she was kind to me when my book first came out, and I sent her a copy. She sent a thank-you note, but I don't know if she ever read it!

Finally, there is another great book set in a similar world, Second Hand by Michael Zadoorian. Well worth finding.

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