February 11, 2006

Nat'l Ass'n of Retail & Thrift Stores

Wow, there really is a National Association of Retail and Thrift Stores, and they have a lot of free information for you at their site. Among other things, there's a Shopping Guide, an FAQ, and a listing of their member stores.

They also provide a quarterly newsletter, "Resale Details," with a free subscription. It's good. Archives are on the site, and Winter 2005 has great info, including:

"Be careful of pop-culture themes like cartoon characters. Instead of investing in SpongeBob bedding and curtains that the child will outgrow in a few short years, use easily removed wall appliqu├ęs and inexpensive accessories such as throw pillows or sheet sets to accentuate a theme."

It's a real find.

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