June 20, 2012

Salt Kills Fleas: How I Finally Won my Flea War.

Here in San Antonio, fleas are bad this year.  Very bad.  And it doesn't help that my next door neighbor feeds the feral cats, the wild birds, and the local raccoon family.  I hate to think the number of fleas that hang out in his back yard among the sunflowers. 

So, it's especially bad here at my little casa.  It's very, very bad for my dogs. 

I don't like giving the pups that chemical stuff: Frontline, Advantage, Program, whatever.  Creeps me out to think some chemical is running through their system for three to four weeks that is toxic enough to kill bugs.  Doesn't make sense to me that this doesn't harm the dog.

However, I caved in and bought some Advantage in April because one of my pups is allergic to flea bites and it was the lesser of two evils sort of decision.


So, we fought the bugs as best we could until enough time passed that the product materials and the vet tech said it was okay to try Frontline Plus.  Which we did in May.  It did NOTHING.

Meanwhile, I'm vaccuuming so often that I'm thinking about making an exercise tape: Vacuum-ize Your Pounds Away!  Between this, Dove dishwashing soap, and not letting the dogs roam in the yard (more walks at the park, they're not exactly upset about this), and we're winning flea battles but we're still in a war.

Every time the pups go outside, they come back with fleas.  So frustrating.

I did some research and called around and learned that fleas are becoming immune to this flea med  stuff.  Like they're in league with Big Pharma to market new and more expensive flea meds.   

Something that still does work: Capstar.  A single pill that kills the fleas on the dog but doesn't linger.  Next day, it's not effective any longer.  (Got it pretty reasonably priced on Amazon.)

Again, I hate to use this but the pup with the rash and the misery showing on his little face means I am trying Capstar.

It works.  Dogs are obviously relieved. 

Then I researched online to learn about fleas.  Here's what I did next.

First, I bought insecticide and attached the $11 orange bottle of toxins to the garden hose and sprayed the backyard.  Especially heavy soaking near the Wildlife Refuse next door.

Then, I sprinkled regular table salt throughout the house.  One carton, less than 80 cents.  Carpets, doggie beds, my bed, you get the idea. Stopped vacuuming for a bit.

Eat that salt, flea!  Die Flea Die!! (Manic laughter)

And guess what:  I won the Flea War.  It's been weeks now, and no fleas.  Nothing in the yard.  Nothing in the house.  Nothing on the dogs.

And they don't have chemicals in their system to fight fleas now.  Which means that we're all the better now that I've discovered Salt Kills Fleas

Hope this works for you, too, Dear Reader.  Salt, Vacuum, maybe a Capstar pill if you must, and spray your yard.  Maybe $15.00 and you're there (take that, Big Pharma), add $25 if you use the Capstar pill.
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