October 9, 2011

Great List of 20 Healthiest Foods - Why They're Great, How To Prepare Them

Getting my feet wet over at Stumble Upon, and this article just popped up (I supposed I have "stumbled upon" it): "The 29 Healthiest Foods on the Planet," and boy is it a handy little list.  It gives you, in alpha order, lists of foods that you can find in your local grocery as well as why they're so great for you, and a hint or two about how to eat them. 

Not the only list out there, of course.  What I like about this list is that it is so short and sweet, and still stuffed with great info.  Worth a looksie, Dear Reader. 

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Sheeple Liberator said...

I love number 12 (artichokes) but I still can't master the art of cooking them. (Am I the only one?)

I think the key is also to have a varied diet. If you try and eat lots of different types of vegetables, grains, meats, etc. (rather than just cooking the same dishes all the time) then chances are you will be getting a lot of nutrients.

Reba Kennedy said...

Hi Liberator,
I agree that a varied diet is best, tho I'm learning that it's not enough to buy fruits and veggies ... there's that added hurdle of choosing organic, avoiding all the junk that is used out on the industrialized farms.

Which, of course, is an excuse for me to go roam the local farmers' markets - there's a lot of them here in San Antonio, and it's fun to meet the farmers.

There's even a flower farm on the south of town, but that's seasonal....

Thanks for writing!
Good luck with your new blog!

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