June 23, 2010

Google Voice - Free and Great or Free and Scary?

ZNet's Dana Blankenhom thinks Google Voice is great, and while there's the power to do evil we have no evidence that Google has taken done bad things to privacy (yet). 

ZNet's Christopher Dawson also thinks Google Voice is great, but he's kinda skeered about what this might mean to our privacy -- and what power this might give to Big Brother. 

And, Google Voice sure does look fabulous.

[Update: I've removed the Google Voice introductory video from this post because of loading problems with it. To see the video, check it out on the Google Voice page.]


Jonathan Blundell said...

I've been using Google Voice for a number of months and like it so far.
I haven't made it my primary number yet - but its come in handy a number of times, especially when we were trying to sell our house.
We could easily give out the Google Voice number and the realtors could call one number and reach either my wife or I. Made things a lot easier.

Luke @ simplifi.de said...

I have been using Google Voice for more than a year (got on early in the beta), and I have made it my primary number for quite some time now.

I love it -the transcribed voicemails are great. While not always accurate, especially if the caller mumbles, I can usually figure out what they were trying to say.

I'm not too worried about the privacy aspect of things, personally. Google knows so much about me that this is not going to add much too their knowledge.

Reba Kennedy said...

Hi Jonathan and Luke,
First - thank you both for writing!
And second, thanks for the feedback, because I admit that I've been wary of Google Voice. Not only because it sounded too good to be true, but because of the privacy concerns.

I think I'm gonna try it. Heck the price is right, and like Jonathan points out -- I don't have to use it as my primary number at the get-go, I can get my feet wet first. And I really like the idea of those transcribed voicemails that Luke points out. Just more for me to organize in my online folders! Yee Hah!

Have a great Fourth of July you two!

Thanks again and God bless,

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