May 10, 2010

NetFlix ROI - How Much Is NetFlix Saving (or Costing) You?

FeedFliks is a free online service that reviews your past NetFlix use and breaks the information down for you quickly, and in a way that's easy to understand. 

How much do you pay per movie, when you average things out? 
How much money could you save if you took more advantage of the NetFlix free online movies?
How much time do you usually keep the movie?

Things like that.  Definitely worth your time to check out, if you've got a NetFlix account.


Nathan Roach said...

I was happier not knowing my ROI :-0

Looks like I need to start watching more movies. At this rate, per-movie rental at blockbuster would be cheaper...

Reba Kennedy said...

Hi Nathan,
Sorry for the bad news! Something I've discovered ... I go to the SAPL main site, search the catalog for DVD movies, and then put holds on them, asking that the ones I want all go to Central Lib when available. Free! And, it's pretty amazing what the library has to offer.

Of course, right now I'm hooked on 1940s murder mysteries so maybe the brand new stuff isn't such a great selection....

Thanks for writing!

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